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Kegiatan Paskah Gn. Salak


Easter Day at Vila Sentosa Mt. Salak – Sukabumi

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The First Stone Ceremony of the Elsafan Foundation Building

Peletakkan Batu Pertama

On October 10, 2014, located on Jl. Swadaya No. 19, Cipinang Besar Utara, East Jakarta. Process has lasted a first stone ceremony for the construction of new Elsafan building. Currently, the Elsafan Foundation has a land area of ​​1,326 M2.

Java, Bali, Lampung Oldies Songs Competition, October 2012


In October 12th, 2012, Elsafan Foundation participated in a singing competition. It was represented by some of the children and a teacher. This competition was held for the blind people from Java, Bali and Lampung.

An interview with DAAI TV – A blind person who become the EYE for the blind people.


Ritson Manyonyo, S.Th., A blind man who always wants to be the EYE for other blind people