Field Services, Counseling & Family


Family counseling services.

 1.     Personal manners and talent development.latihan_band

  • To educate the blind and impaired children, specifically in building personal characters, personal identity, great soul and being the motivator for the others.
  • To search and develop the blind and impaired children talent for music (playing guitar, piano, keyboard, flute, drum, bass, pianica etc) singing, poetry, drama etc.
  • To search and create the opportunities for the children to express, to create and to expose their talent through performing of any program at any event in schools, offices, churches and fellowships.

2.  Counseling.

Most of the children at Elsafan have been suffering deep inner wound, loss of self- confidence, abandoned and have not future hope. This is because they have been blind since they were born. So the personal and group counseling is one of the way to help to cure and resolve all their problems with psychology approach, spiritual guidance and love. Beside that, it is also important to do those things to the family of the impaired person.

3.  Ministry/spiritual services.

For those who are Christians :

  • To provide Sunday school service, routine worship for layanan_rohaniindividual and group.
  •  To provide worship services for all the church denominations and offices, in birthday parties or testimonies. The blind and impaired children will serve as the singer, solo keyboard player, motivator and many other kinds of services.

4.   Home visit service.

To visit and to advocate the parents/families of the blind and impaired children which never been covered before.