Java, Bali, Lampung Oldies Songs Competition, October 2012

In October 12th, 2012, Elsafan Foundation participated in a singing competition. It was represented by some of the children and a teacher. This competition was held for the blind people from Java, Bali and Lampung.

The result of this competition was really amazing. Elsafan Foundation children has won 4 trophies:

1.    Mutiara Mayestika Suda, age 23, originally from Poso (Sulawesi), she was in 7th grade SMPLB Elsafan, won the 1st prize. She got a trophy from DKI Jakarta Governor and 5 million rupiah in cash.

2.    Indah Kusuma Dewi, age 16, originally from Wonogiri (Central Java), she is in SLB Elsafan self-development class, won the 4th place. She got a trophy from Department of E