Java, Bali, Lampung Oldies Songs Competition, October 2012


In October 12th, 2012, Elsafan Foundation participated in a singing competition. It was represented by some of the children and a teacher. This competition was held for the blind people from Java, Bali and Lampung.

The result of this competition was really amazing. Elsafan Foundation children has won 4 trophies:

1.    Mutiara Mayestika Suda, age 23, originally from Poso (Sulawesi), she was in 7th grade SMPLB Elsafan, won the 1st prize. She got a trophy from DKI Jakarta Governor and 5 million rupiah in cash.

2.    Indah Kusuma Dewi, age 16, originally from Wonogiri (Central Java), she is in SLB Elsafan self-development class, won the 4th place. She got a trophy from Department of Education and 1 million rupiah in cash.

3.    Septiandi Aldin, age 15, originally from Tangerang, he was in 6th grade SDLB Elsafan and won the 3rd place. He won the trophy from Department of Tourism and 2 million rupiah in cash.

4.    Mr. Julius Pangaribuan, S.Pd, (a teacher in SLB Elsafan), won the 2nd place and a trophy from Department of Education and 3 million rupiah in cash.